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Remember the days

Okay, LJ, I know it's been a long, long while since I've used you, but since my favourite MMO is closing down, I thought you would be a good place for keeping my memories.
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I always want to write something meaningful on Livejournal, but it's never ever going to happen.
I'm pretty sure it's impossible.

As of late, my life has become headaches, (silly) teen drama, and living in my imagination. Things have been dull, anoying, and a little creepy, and money has been non-exsistent (as per usual, so I don't see why I mention it all of the time).
I've been a little more creative, lately, but I don't think that will show up online for some time. Not until I make myself make sense of what I'm writing/drawing.

I have a couple things that I need to plan for this month. Mostly meet-ups and parties. I need to make sure that I don't go over-the-top with anything because I don't have the budget to do that. I also need to start doing "adult things" but those are dumb and take forever and cause arguments and I really don't want to bother with any of that stuff.
So, back to the fun things- I have two Homestuck meets to plan (one of them is our Gristmas/Holiday party). I'll probably make some calls next week to get everything set up.
Then I have to figure out my own Xmas party. I have a date for that, but I need to figure out time, food, and all those good things. I'm hoping that planning it will go smoothly.

Guess it's going to be one of those months. AKA, every month.

ugh, December. Can I skip all of this and go to June?


Something tells me I'm going to regret entering that Scan2Go giveaway. I'm going to get the kit, take the car out, and the first thing I'm going to do is pull it every which way to see what pieces I can switch out, and try to figure out how much certain parts will costs if/when I want to make changes.
But I'll never be able to because this is a toy for 4yr olds and who makes toys with flashy, custom pieces for 4yr olds?
At least I'm enjoying the anime? (It's pretty chill, so far.) And maybe I'll shell out the 70$ to buy pieces of track, and another 4$ on the booster packs (If I really need them?). I wouldn't want to, but if I want to get into a race with some friends, we're going to need more than a circle. It's like when I buy a whole bunch of Beyblades, but I don't have a Stadium for the longest time. Granted, I like to test out new Beyblades, so I wonder how I'd test the Scan2Go cars.
('Test' being a fancy word for 'see what they do outside of the anime'.)

Oh well, I'll wait and see.

i really want chessmen cookies

I've been playing a good bit of Corruption of Champions lately and I really enjoy how some of my characters turn out. There are two characters I really liked (that I lost the save data for (that's probably what I get for playing in an incognito window)) named Markos and Ein and I want to start drawing them and fleshing out their characters. I know I had a lot of save files for Markos, 'cause of all the different transformations he went through, and I saved the text of his appearances; but I only had one for Ein and I didn't think to save the text on his wooops.
In my defense, my computer restarted itself while I was asleep.
Anywho, I'm going to write some stuff about those two.

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shitty yj fan character go!

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hella hot days of summer

And it's going to be like this all week, yaaay!

I got some stuff done today: Posted stuff for an upcoming meet, biked around to Office Max, the bank (x2), Subway, and foxgloves42's home; and cleaned my PC tower before the summer rain hit. I could have done a whole lot more before I plopped right back in front of my monitors, but this guy can't be tamed. Or something.
I still have to re-write the meet information onto the Tumblr site, and I will probably get to that tonight. I can't find the words or energy to do it now. :/ ( I didn't have it in me to do it earlier, anyway). I guess I could try to get farther in Pokemon, after that. I really don't like leveling up in B/W (And I'm too lazy to finish HG) but I'll try to get my Pokemon to a decent level so I can tell my online friends that I can do things myself and I was totally kidding about sending my game to one of them. obv.

bluh, Tomorrow I'm going back to the bank, so I can actually put money in (and then ask them about this refund thing I might qualify for. If all I have to do is spend 75$, and then get back to them about that, then I can do that in a few minutes , no sweat), possibly play games with foxgloves42, and study for my civics test. (That's at the end of the month, and who knows what they're going to ask me).

For now I'm... gonna try to get a doll. Then maybe the more stuff I get, the more inclined I'll be to clean my roo- aahahahahahaaa.


Wow, I am really bad at keeping papers together.
I was in the mood to make fantrolls, and since I made some... I don't know how many months ago (plus a fankid), I decided to write them all down in one spot. So, I get into the swing of things when I remember that I don't have the paper with info for two of my fantrolls. And.. that paper is somewhere in my room. ( ._.) It has their trolltags and class/aspects, and I really don't know where in my room it is. I normally remember where things are by which notebook I shoved the paper in, but my only memory of it is putting it on a box or something.
I was sort of miffed, but at the same time, I think I might scrap these two? Or re-do them. I kind of made them spur of the moment, and there are some things I would like to change about them. (Mostly their names. There's something about fantroll names that just... None of them sound good?? Or look good. Like, an ugly jumble of letters. Maybe I haven't seen enough to change my tune but.)

Anywho, I'm actually working on two that I really like. Their names are sort of a b to say, because of how I spelt them, but I'm fond of them. ( =v= ) I really only meant to make one, but my imagination got the better of me. Maybe I'll try to get ideas for their looks today?
:< Hmm hmm hm.

enski reads fanfics summer 2k12

I need some sort of accomplishment this summer, and since I know I'm not going to craft anything, I'll try to actually get some reading in.
I'll just list anything that I (A) haven't finished reading yet, or (B) isn't completed. This post will be updated, so I don't have to re-post this for no good reason.
(Hopefully this will go over better than my other summer plans.)

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As I keep looking at dolls, I add them to my little story-thing. It doesn't mean I'm going to get them, but it helps me see what my characters sort of look like. For some reason, vampire dolls are now sirgworm caretakers or assistants. It might be because I'm migrating old doll characters into this story, and I can't shake off their role, but it's a thing.

I've added three more characters, but I don't have a lot written for them. (I don't have a lot written for anyone, really.) One guy is named Dryer, and he's like, Frait's non-boyfriend or something. Basically he had one-sided feelings because Frait didn't understand his advances. Even if he did, he wouldn't have done anything. Dryer is just this really touchy (Has to touch everything) guy, who's pretty chill, but he's sort of a more touchy guy around Frait.
Um, then there's Lemarc. He's Hadley's cousin and he works as a prof's assistant at Charr's academy. Other than being a martial artist/fighter, I don't really know his job? I don't even know what type of prof he's helping out but whatever. Lemarc likes starting shit with people and getting into fights. I don't know if that makes him a bully or something else? And I don't think that he means to, it just sort of happens.
And then there's Trig, who is actually certified to take care of sirgworms. She either helps Dryer or she's one of the few people that the agency (orwhatever I'm making up things) sends out to help different people. She's like Icara, but a girl and really shy. The only reason why she likes sirgworms is because they can't stare her down.

:|c I think... that's it.

So I hung out with friends last night and we watched episodes 1- 6 of Korra. We mainly made comments about butts, and sechs, and buttsechs, and guys kissing, and poison (because honestly someone is going to be poisoned I KNOW IT), and Steve Blum, and girls, and girls being icky, and Korra actually being a guy so it's okay for him to kiss other guys because that's nice. 
Oh, we talked about Larvitar the Last Sandbender. You'll have to talk to William about that. There's Sand → Glass, Bear, Hair, and Glare bending.

Anyway, because I said I'd make fan characters (because that's all I'm good at) I'll write about them here just because.

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And that's the end of that.